Saturday, 16 December 2017


There isn’t a greater beauty than intelligence and integrity. The rest all is make up (or can be made up).

Teachers are travel agents who shows all possible routes and destinations to help their clients (students) choose their travel - destiny !

Did our conversations confine from ‘word of mouth’ to ‘word of mouthpiece’ / ‘word of mouse’? Communication devices essentially did improve. But did our communications improve?

I acknowledge and credit the Artificial Intelligence. But what about Artificial Stupidity? Who will take ownership if something goes wrong with this 'Intelligence'?

No matter what, its fine to be in LOVE, provided the feelings are mutual. One may therefore gauge ones feelings to gauge ones LOVE.


1.“I am little busy”. (Preoccupying while prioritizing you the least with reducing visits, letters, phone calls, messages, surprises, gifts, time, attention - gradually losing respect, relevance, and charm in love)

2.“Now you won’t understand what I say” (Verbal insult while abruptly cutting conversations without even saying what the real matter is - demean and degrade by conspicuous silences)

3.“Don’t you have brains?” (Suddenly pick up arguments and find faults in anything and everything said and done. No matter whether the incident was silly or serious, an year before or ten years)

4.“I am impressed. One must actually learn from XYZ. How brilliant and talented s/he is. And it’s so fun being with them..... has an iPhone 10, NINJA, and is planning to buy an Audi”. (Contrasting with others)

5.“If I decide to move on, whom do you think I should choose? You or XYZ?” (Seeking relationship opinions while comparing professional-personal traits to create insecurity)

6.“Are you crazy to retain our pics, messages, gifts, our memories, our dreams? In fact, I haven’t. What if someone gets to find all that?”. (Shell shock with unexpected revelations)

7.“Let’s have three kids. But I don’t want to get pregnant though. So, we’ll adopt”. “It’s better to remain single and independent. But I feel like getting married though”. “Let’s plan and decide everything together though your ideas are mean and old fashioned” (Consistently inconsistent in opinions with frequent mood swings)

8.“We’ve been sincere to each other and enjoyed thus far. And I have been relying and depending on you so much. But my parents told me that one must always be pragmatic and self dependent in life”. (Untimely emotional jerks coupled with repeated 'rationality' in advises)

9.“I knew that you always wanted someone who adores and cares. But I failed in that”. “And our tastes and interests. They are so different.” “Even if we get married we won’t get along. We will fight with each other and break up”. (Present their intent and opinions as ours and try to empathise)

10.And finally, “You are good looking, smart, and such a nice human being. You definitely will end up getting someone much better than me. And I shall pray for you”!

NB: In relationships, such hollow monologues are indications to an exit. Only meaningful dialogues let you stay in, provided one really intends to.

Monday, 19 June 2017

What is LIFE? I asked my Guru.
He just asked me to inhale and exhale.

  There isn’t a greater beauty than intelligence and integrity. The rest all is make up (or can be made up).